Think of roman blinds as the origami of window coverings. Fabric is folded with almost architectural precision, as your blinds vertically concertina to reveal an outside aspect or to simply flood the interior with natural light. Alternatively use a Birk blockout and, at full extension, help give your home more privacy and greater insulation.

Birk roman blinds are a popular choice to dress living rooms and master suites. Certainly they’re practical but they’re also personal, that’s why they work so well in lounging areas. Choose between sophisticated, textured materials or opt for lighter fabrics to blend with more neutral decor.

There are effectively two ‘types’ of roman blinds – Birk classifies these as ‘hard’ and ‘soft’. A hard roman blind is a fabric which has been specifically designed for use in blinds and often has a stiffening or blockout coating on it. These blinds often give a sharper look when made up due to the structure and stiffness of the fabric. A soft roman blind is taking a drapery or curtain fabric and crafting a blockout lining into the back of the blind. This finish has a much softer look and opens up a substantially larger range of options as there are many more drapery or curtain fabrics on the market than blind specific fabrics.

With Birk roman blinds, you can select from over 50 styles. Add a kaleidoscope of colour combinations and you begin to appreciate why Birk blends so beautifully with you and your home.

Your Birk roman blinds can be customised in a range of affordable and fashionable fabrics. Read more about our Essentials Range and Classic Range.

For even greater choice, elevate your interiors by choosing from our Supreme Range.

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Back batten

  • Adds insulation
  • Simple to operate
  • Total privacy when drawn
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