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About Birk


For more than quarter of a century, Australians have entrusted Birk to design, manufacture and install window coverings that go beyond functional to fashionable. Birk window coverings do more than just block glare and add privacy. They add flare, character and of course, that finishing touch that completes and adds value to your home or apartment.

Birk offers a full range of window covering products including roller blinds, roman blinds, timber venetians, shutters, drapes, pelmets, panel glide blinds, awnings and specialized home automation integration, which includes motorization.

We cater to all clients and budgets from first home buyer, to investor, growing families and high end residential homes. Whatever level of client, Birk strives to achieve complete customer satisfaction and aims to put the finishing touch to any home or apartment.

We employ qualified interior designers at our display galleries that coordinate window coverings with interior paint colors, flooring, skirting and furniture. It is all about creating a harmonious look that accentuates, rather than dominating each space.

For us, your window coverings are the top tier of decorating - the element that brings everything together for the home of your dreams.


Why we support a sustainable tomorrow

Birk keeps your home and office interiors on trend and on brief but we also look beyond Birk, to your outside space and that of your neighbours. Afterall, our environment is a shared space and we think that’s an exterior worth protecting with the same care and attention you afford your interiors.

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, your home loses approximately 1/3 of its total heat through windows and doors. You don’t have to be a climate expert to know that’s putting a heavy load on your power-driven, energy-consuming insulators. Imagine Birk window coverings as an eco-conscious alternative, helping to block out summer sun and insulate against winter winds.

For us, we prefer to work with suppliers who are also diligently working towards a more sustainable tomorrow. Among their certifications you’ll find Ecospecifier Global, representing products that are both environmentally-aware and third party tested; Oeko-Tex® tests textiles and only endorses those that satisfy safe levels of chemical substances; and Greenguard, which is all about air quality, stringently testing products for emissions into the air that we breathe. Birk beautifully balances fashion and flair with environmental care. Rest assured, you can combine your exterior eco-conscience with the finest interior design.

Why you should support a sustainable tomorrow

Thanks to Birk, you will never have to compromise on quality and sophistication when considering window dressings that serve your style as well as your environment. Birk window coverings provide the opportunity to tread lightly on the planet.

Whatever your requirements – be it roller blinds, shutters, panel glides or curtains - by choosing window coverings you’ve automatically opted to insulate your home. If you’re looking to cut your power bill and the inherent pull on your air-conditioning units and their emissions, consider Birk as a logical step in your power solution. Allow your window coverings to do the heavy-lifting for you. They’ll trap warm air inside during winter and block out the sun’s rays in summer.

Maximise your home’s potential, reduce your carbon footprint and your power bills – with Birk.


Life should be simple

Birk specialises in motorisation of residential and commercial screens, blinds and curtains.

Innovative thinking

For many years, people have enjoyed the benefits of one-touch motorised systems – less noise, improved control, greater comfort and added safety.

Now it’s more affordable than ever. Simplified technology means awnings, screens, blinds and curtains can be controlled with a single switch, from a remote control or from a home automation system. Birk can also customise components to suit individual requirements.

Innovative design

Customers are demanding more – more convenience, more time and more control and our home and work spaces reflect this. Birks sophisticated technology allows separate systems to be integrated so that they work independently from each other but can still be controlled from a single device.

Reliable, stylish and quiet, motorisation is a simple but effective solution to any home or workplace . Birk’s practical motorised systems eliminate the need for manual operation that make it effortless and easy for anyone to use.

Simplicity and style – guaranteed

With specialised partners who develop, test and manufacture to our specifications, you can trust Birk to provide a range of motors and controls for domestic and commercial applications . Our philosophy is to create affordable solutions that your customers can rely on for years to come.

Our sophisticated motorised technology simplifies the home and work environment. We import unique components that are affordable and reliable, helping you to offer motorisation to all of your customers.