Curtains are perhaps the most versatile of all window coverings. Yes, they’re functional – helping to filter light and absorb sound, but they can be so much more. Birk custom made curtains elevate a bedroom to a boudoir... a lounge to a luxury... a sitting room to a suite.

Think of the showroom as a boutique, as you select from a range of fashionable fabrics to compliment you and your home’s unique sense of style. Be guided by our designers on the perfect pleat and accessories.

Marry your material with a matching curtain rod for effortless elegance. Decorative accessories, rings and tiebacks can act as the final flourish in bringing a bay window to life, or to lighten up a cozy kitchen corner.

Your Birk curtains can be customised in a range of affordable and fashionable fabrics. Read more about our Essentials Range and our Classic Range.

For even greater choice, elevate your interiors by choosing from our Supreme Range or Premium Range.






  • Ultimate light control and room darkening
  • Insulation
  • Sun protection
  • Shape and frame windows
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