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First Home Buyer

At Birk, we understand what it is to receive the keys to your first new home and stepping across the threshold! The excitement of moving into your new home is a momentous occasion.


When your toddler takes her first stumbling steps in the lounge... when your teenager gingerly pulls out of the driveway... when the in-laws move into the granny flat... that’s when you know your house is a home.


As one of a fortunate few, when you cross your home’s threshold you are graced with an interior that could rival the finest of five star hotels – yours is an address of distinction.


Without the offspring in tow, finally your time (and home) is your own. After giving so much to so many, now you have the freedom to create a home that truly reflects you and your style.


Whether it’s your personal address or that of a tenant, good management and maintenance can form the foundations of a successful investment property. When it comes to your interior design, wouldn’t it be nice to combine functional elements with fashionable fixtures? With Birk, you can.