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Roller Blinds

Birk roller blinds are the quiet achievers of our range. In neutral or muted tones they don’t demand attention but rather blend beautifully in light-filled rooms at home or work. Don’t be fooled by their unassuming demeanour, quietly in the background they’re helping to keep your place insulated and, in turn, energy efficient.

When teamed in twos, the Birk dual system has the added advantage of offering both day time and night time privacy. At work, protect your privacy in an overlooked boardroom. At home, turn day to night with the flick of a switch – ideal for bub’s bedroom.

There are many things that set Birk roller blinds apart from its competitors. Birk utilises only stainless steel chains, heavy duty aluminium tubes, colour coded components and unique ‘patented’ tear drop bottom rail, adding an elegant finish to your blinds.

Your Birk roller blinds can be customised in a range of affordable and fashionable fabrics. Read more about our Essentials Range and Classic Range

For even greater choice, elevate your interiors by choosing from our Supreme Range