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Pelmets are, quite literally, the top tier in window dressing. Carefully concealing railings tracks and fittings, Birk pelmets are not just practical. Thanks to their enclosed casing, they also help regulate your interior’s temperature, giving your home or office an energy-efficient and economical edge, as well as ensuring the maximum amount of light control.

Birk’s upholstered pelmets come in a range of fabrics to complement your choice of curtains or blinds. By blending sympathetic tones and textures, a plush pelmet can elevate your interior to five-star sophistication.

Customised embellishments add further flair to your Birk pelmets. Unexpected trimmings and all types of shapes transform your window coverings from functional to fashionable.

Your Birk pelmets can be customised in a range of affordable and fashionable fabrics. Read more about our Essentials Range and our Classic Range.

For even greater choice, elevate your interiors by choosing from our Supreme Range or our Premium Range.