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Panel Glides

If your home features wide expanses of floor to ceiling glass, alfresco or sliding doors, panel glides are an ideal choice. At the office, if the think tank feels more like a fish tank then panel glides will create the privacy you need for truly great ideas. Whether its panelled glass or sliding doors, panel glides fit beautifully without compromising the room’s composition. They also ensure that protruding door handles do not get in the way of the blinds. Birk panel glide blinds are the perfect solution, thanks to their skilful symmetry, style and subtle operation.

A range of translucent, sunscreen or blockout coated fabrics are functional for all seasons but Birk’s carefully curated hues and textures go a step further - transforming your panel glides from purely practical to truly personal.

With panel glides, it’s particularly important to be guided by an expert because of the nuances inherent in overlapping fabrics. A material might look great in the showroom but strobe when drawn together.

Birk designers are experts in panel glides and prepare you well ahead of installation. They work with you to create window coverings that are sympathetic to your interior design whilst helping to draw out the style of your home or office. As an example, Birk designers will always recommend a decorative pelmet with every panel glide, as this provides the finishing touch to any home or office. Also, where possible, the designers will suggest running the track one panel width past the edge of the window, to ensure that the fabric ‘stack’ is fully off the glass and not obstructing a view.

After all, a beautifully finished space is one where all elements work in perfect harmony. Birk panel glides can dress your windows, glass features and sliding doors with a flair that adds a signature style to your home or office.

Your Birk panel glide blinds can be customised in a range of affordable and fashionable fabrics. Read more about our Classic Range and Supreme Range.

For even greater choice, elevate your interiors by choosing from our Premium Range.