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Product Range

Roller Blinds

Birk roller blinds are the quiet achievers of our range. In neutral or muted tones they don’t demand attention but rather blend beautifully in light-filled rooms at home or work. Don’t be fooled by their unassuming demeanour, quietly in the background they’re helping to keep your place insulated and, in turn, energy efficient.

Roman Blinds

Think of roman blinds as the origami of window coverings. Fabric is folded with almost architectural precision, as your blinds vertically concertina to reveal an outside aspect or to simply flood the interior with natural light. Alternatively use a Birk blockout and, at full extension, help give your home more privacy and greater insulation.


We’ve followed mother nature’s lead with our Honeycomb blinds. The inbuilt hexagonal cells automatically trap air within the blind. This provides a layer of insulation that helps to naturally make your home’s temperature more comfortable and, in turn, substantially more energy-efficient.

Venetian Blinds

If shutters and customised curtains are the stars of window coverings, venetian blinds are the loyal veterans. Usually the go-to choice for studies, libraries and bathrooms, venetian blinds can easily be adjusted according to privacy and lighting needs.

Panel Glides

If your home features wide expanses of floor to ceiling glass, alfresco or sliding doors, panel glides are an ideal choice. At the office, if the think tank feels more like a fish tank then panel glides will create the privacy you need for truly great ideas. Whether its panelled glass or sliding doors, panel glides fit beautifully without compromising the room’s composition. They also ensure that protruding door handles do not get in the way of the blinds. Birk panel glide blinds are the perfect solution, thanks to their skilful symmetry, style and subtle operation.


Curtains are perhaps the most versatile of all window coverings. Yes, they’re functional – helping to filter light and absorb sound, but they can be so much more. Birk custom made curtains elevate a bedroom to a boudoir... a lounge to a luxury... a sitting room to a suite.


Often featured in resorts and hotels, shutters also make a strong style statement at home. A window graced with a Birk shutter is like a living room with a leather lounge; it’s a place where style meets sophistication.


Pelmets are, quite literally, the top tier in window dressing. Carefully concealing railings tracks and fittings, Birk pelmets are not just practical. Thanks to their enclosed casing, they also help regulate your interior’s temperature, giving your home or office an energy-efficient and economical edge, as well as ensuring the maximum amount of light control.


Ideal for all types of residential and commercial applications, outdoor blinds and awnings will enhance and extend any living space. Whether you wish to transform a courtyard, balcony, improve the appearance of a window or create additional privacy, a custom-made awning will enable you to live beyond your internal space.